About Me

I love to create things in pretty much every medium. I think its only true to yourself to create with freedom and never hold back regardless of what that looks like.  Since 2002 I have working as a professional artist, on my own, in art collectives, represented by galleries, painting live and showing in art spaces small and large, private, public and corporate in Ontario and Quebec.  I am often busy creating something, whether it is for the next seasons’ collection, new personal works, commissions or shows, live painting, illustrating a book, editing or just silly crafts with my kids. I can’t stay away, creativity is apart of me and I nearly always have paint somewhere on my body at all times anyway. lol

My original works can often be found showing around the GTA in little shops and Galleries, in my own home studio and on walls around the world.  I began painting live in 2003  at events large and small at conference centers all over Toronto, the metro toronto convention center, Toronto international center, the rogers center, air canada center and Beaches International Jazz festival amongst others. In 2013 I began working with an art publishing group that supplies art reproductions to retailers across North America large and small and now offer to individual buyers through hobbithole.co. I am an honours Graduate of the Honours Studio Art BA at Bishops University, receiving awards for my studio work and graduating the top of my class. My work is my journey. My discovery of self, spirituality, journalling through paint to bring clarity. It is freedom, it is release, it is my expression. I am constantly training and retraining myself to be pushing forward and pushing my own boundaries of my own creativity.

The last 5 years I have had the opportunity to be teaching the School of Ministry students at Catch the Fire in Toronto about Creative Worship. I love to teach. I love watching people find release through art and discover creativity they never knew they had and watch them center, heal and come alive while they loose themselves and surprise  themselves in the freedom that putting paint on a canvas really is.

Though studied, trained and working as an artist and illustrator since 2002 I have always loved photography and can’t help but be a bit of a shutter bug. I have had the opportunity to be working with different photographers the last 10 years and in the past 5 years ventured out on my own and love it!  I am much of a real life/life style photographer, I love to capture moments, the smiles and details of every day that you never want to forget.

I believe in using art for change and have committed myself to finding ways to raise money and create projects that will bring change for those who need it. A portion of all sales are given to families and people in need.

So here’s my little website and blog, its kinda the more running commentary about things I’m doing, projects I’m working on, new pieces, or events I am at. My work is always changing, vastly different from the last collection created. feel free to visit my website http://www.heathersinnott.com


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